Products & Services
VHP offers a broad range of premium quality products based on fresh-harvested Aloe Vera leaf and Nopal pads.

VHP offers private labeling for all of its products to both domestic and foreign companies.

Aloe Vera products are offered in the following forms:
(1)  Juice form
(2)  Capsule form
(3)  Crème form
(4)  Gel form

Nopal products are offered in the following forms:

(1)  Juice form
(2)  Capsule form
(3)  Powder form


VHP can directly source any herbal product for its customers that is native to or currently grown in the United States and North America, Mexico, Central and South America.  Many of the most beneficial natural herbal products are native to these regions.  Many herbal products native to these regions have been transplanted to other countries such as China.  However, the very best and most potent herbal products come from their native regions.  VHP can direct source these products for our customers. 

New Products-

A new division of VHP (VHP Foods) will soon begin offering food products including a technologically advanced system of baking Mexican pastry and bread products.  Also to be offered are other food related products currently offered in local markets, including spices for grilling delicious steaks, fajitas and chicken, fresh cut Nopal (“Nopalitos”), hot sauces and more. 

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Most of the links below are to specialized websites that present the products and services of divisions or departments of VHP/Aloe Queen.

This website offers quality Aloe Vera products available from Aloe Queen, Inc.  The site includes scientific information about the health and related benefits of Aloe Vera. ​​

This website offers quality Nopal Extract in several forms for companies that want to add Nopal as a health supplement ingredient to their existing products.  More importantly, this website contains a very detailed wealth of information about Nopal health benefits.  See the “Scientific Studies” tab on the NopalActive website.